Because of the overwhelming response from our fabulous clients, our custom shoe orders are closed for this year.  Please check back in February 2023 for custom shoe requests.

Design your own dream vegan shoe

View multiple choices of custom made MINK shoes.

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Choose one of MINK'S classic styles to make into your own unique creation.

Choose from 20 different sustainable fabric, colors, and textures.

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Create the one of a kind shoe of your dreams.

Each shoe is an original creation with everything you ever wished for in a vegan shoe.

Heels sourced from top Italian masters.

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-With unique heel-

Create your dream vegan shoe with every detail you ever wanted.

Design a one of a kind heel.

An original heel can be created to meet your specific requests.

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the Animal Alphabet shoe has famously walked the red carpet worn by celebrity's feet.

This crazy cool creation takes a long process to become reality.

Each heel is masterfully crafted to your unique letter and font choice, a one of a kind mold is created to manifest your heel size.

It can be made in numerous upper color options, and glow in any metal you can dream up.

Your own MINK Animal Alphabet shoe.

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