Mink was founded by wardrobe stylist Rebecca Mink in the year 2000 to fill the need for luxe sustainable and vegan footwear for celebrity red carpet looks, fashion runways, and the entertainment industry. Mink created the first luxe vegan shoes ever made in Italy. Mink’s focus is on creating the highest quality sustainable shoes in the world becoming a known expert in eco fashion. Clients include a full range from celebrities to conscious women looking for the perfect vegan shoe. Each shoe is sustainably handcrafted by Italian shoe masters. Mink offers a unique option to customize your shoe in the same Italian factories as Christian louboutin, Chanel, and Jimmy Choo. Mink developed connections with luxury brand factories within the Tuscan region for over 17 years. Mink is the only brand offering sustainable, couture shoe production for conscious consumers. Mink shoes are lovingly made custom in Italy for each client with care for animals, people, and the planet!