Mink specializes in custom couture vegan shoes. Currently we are offering our most exciting collection to date! #PETAxMINK 

Hearts aligned for the animals both PETA and MINK were independently looking at the cruelty in exotic skin & ostriches. Rebecca Mink was working on a faux ostrich fabric when she met the pioneer and leader in animal welfare Ingrid Newkirk, President and cofounder of PETA, at the Animal Rights Convention LA. In moments it was obvious that PETAxMINK should join together to make it known that you do not need to harm any animals to have a shoe that is luxurious with ostrich print. Peta found that 85% of the ostrich products are made by the top brands. It is considered luxe to have ostrich skin and feathers while animals are plucked alive and live a short tortured life. 

PETAxMINK do not need an ostrich to make a great shoe. Mink Italian fabric mills developed a way to hand stamp sustainable top quality faux leather to create the same effect as ostrich without the needless suffering. Mink is a luxurious Italian shoe brand that does not harm animals, people, or the planet. PETAxMINK are excited to offer a super luxe shoe made custom in Italy by the same factories that produce the most elite brands in the world. Mink is focused on delivering the highest quality vegan shoes customized to your needs. Mink makes shoes for top celebrities because it is the only brand that is offering the unique opportunity of vegan couture services to create the vegan shoe of your dreams. 

This current collaboration is a limited time offer with #PETAxMINK to get a luxurious faux ostrich print ballerina. Each shoe is hand made custom after your order and delivered direct from the factories in Italy, at a reasonable price, and outstanding quality. Black, Wine faux ostrich & smooth faux leather available. As expected a percentage of the profit goes right back to the animals toward PETA's lifesaving and tireless work for animal welfare. Thank you for supporting vegan shoes. All animals matter! Look forward to getting some Mink's on your feet!